UK Retirement Training

In-House Retirement Training Programme
available anywhere in the UK

At LaterLife Learning we run in-house pre-retirement training for a wide range of Public and Private sector organisations as well as offering the most  comprehensive schedule of open courses available all around the country.

Our Retirement Planning Workshops, both the standard one day  workshop and our Extended Finance one and a half day workshop, are available as in-house options for your organisation.

Even if you are considering in-house training, our open schedule may still be a valuable asset if you have individuals you can't accommodate via the in-house programme.

Our pre-retirement training can be attended with or without partners, but if budget allows we strongly recommend that partners should be invited, as experience has shown us that there are extra benefits when they attend.

We also offer in-house Retirement Headstart and Pension Freedom courses aimed at those who are a decade or more away from retirement i.e, from age 50 onwards. See our section on Mid-life courses.

Also take a look at our Career Retirement Planning programme which includes Early Career General Financial Education options.

The nature of our retirement training courses is highly participative and feedback from them is invariably not just good but effusive. We recommend a minimum of 6 participants to ensure good participation; the ideal is 12 and the maximum is 16.

In-house training can also be tailored to your requirements, for example to include your own Pension speaker, to run over more than one day, or to introduce additional organisation specific information.

The workshops are delivered by trainers and facilitators with many years experience in preparing people for retirement in both the public and private sector.

The events themselves are highly enjoyable; invariably the mood at the end of the day is one of having had a thoroughly good time, as well as having gained a great deal of value.

After the event there is on-going assistance through access to our free ‘Managing Retirement’ programme.

Overall we provide the most comprehensive approach to retirement training available in the UK. The style of training assist delegates to really think about their retirement, to decide when to retire if they haven't done so already and to plan how to make the most of the opportunity that this phase of their life presents.

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