Career Retirement Planning

Retirement Seminars, Workshops and 1-1 assistance at all stages of one's career

At LaterLife we specialise in providing assistance for individuals to plan their retirement at all stages of their career through our retirement seminar and workshop programme. At the beginning of their career this is focused on finance, and by the time they are within a few years of retirement the key consideration and challenge is planning their retirement lifestyle. We bring together leading professionals in lifestyle planning and finance to provide this unique programme.

We offer a mix of seminars and workshops to provide an appropriate style for the learning situation. The term retirement seminar is often used interchangeably with courses and workshops. However it normally indicates a more presentation style of delivery, as in our Early Career Financial Education Seminar. Our MidLife and LaterLife Retirement Planning options are workshops, as they offer a much more interactive style with various ways of engaging participants in thinking about and planning their future lifestyle.

Career Retirement Planning Programme

Our programme provides support for retirement planning at every stage of an employee’s career.

It recognises the increasing importance of retirement funding decisions, the changing nature of retirement and the increased likelihood of phased retirement and portfolio lifestyles. It also assists the decision when to retire.

This programme ensures that retirement discussions take place irrespective of age, to the benefit of both individuals and organisation.

The programme consists of:

Attendance at a retirement seminar or workshop doesn’t end there. The programme is underpinned by access to two web sites; one providing education on all aspects of retirement related finance but set in the context of the lifestyle aspirations that the individual may have; the second providing a mix of reference information and articles to assist individuals to enjoy and make the most of their retirement.

For a full specification of the programme, please use the enquiry link in the right hand panel and specify that you would like information about our Career Retirement Planning Programme.

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