Managing Retirement Portfolio

Managing retirement in your organisation

The Managing Retirement Portfolio from LaterLife Learning includes everything you need for managing retirement in your organisation and assisting your employees to plan and make decisions that will help them make the most of their future lives.

It provides assistance not just as retirement comes close, but at other key stages throughout an employee's career. It also provides assistance for HR and Managers.

The portfolio is summarised below:

LaterLife Retirement Planning (1 day)

This, our flagship planning retirement workshop, covers all aspects of planning retirement and recognises the changing nature of retirement and the increased likelihood of phased retirement and portfolio lifestyles. It also assists the decision when to retire for those who haven’t already done so. It is offered as part of our open workshop programme around the country or as an in-house option.

LaterLife Retirement Planning, Extended Finance (2 day)

This 2 day workshop extends the finance section of the 1 day workshop for those that want to spend additional time looking in more detail at the financial aspects of their retirement. It is offered as part of our open programme (at main locations) and also as an in-house option.

LaterLife Choices (In-house only)

This is a variant of the LaterLife Retirement Planning Workshop which focuses on Lifestyle Change rather than just retirement. It is aimed at men and women over 50 who are nearing the end of their current employment.

LaterLife 1-1 Financial Clinics

We also offer an option of 1-1 Financial Clinic meetings on site. These meetings are held over a one or two day period, typically with a half hour slot per employee. The meetings can be arranged to cover any aspect of finance, but for example can be used to help the individual establish their financial preparedness for retirement, and discuss personal aspects of retirement financial planning, including options available at retirement. The meetings are held with finance professionals but not financial advisers

Career Retirement Planning Programme

The Career Retirement Planning Programme supports planning at each stage of an employee’s career. In the early stages this is more financially focused and in the later stages more lifestyle focused:

LaterLife Retirement Online

Our Planning Retirement online facility has been upgraded to provide a full e-learning course. It is exceptionally comprehensive, with in-depth coverage of both lifestyle planning and financial planning. It is suitable whether you are near to retirement or still far away, as you have the ability to select the level you do it at and to select what is currently applicable to you.

More Information

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