Coronavirus Notice

Per the government’s advice on 16th March 2020 that everyone should avoid non-essential contact and non-essential travel we have suspended all face to face workshop services. This suspension will run until we determine it is is safe to resume. This suspension will be subject to regular review and will be revised according to the latest advice provided by the government and health service.

Please accept our sincere apologies for having to take this sadly necessary action. For those who require assistance with their planning for retirement in the immediate future, we have developed an alternative distance-learning solution: Retirement Planning At Home.

Please contact the LaterLife Ops Team, 0333 220 4164 with any queries you have, or to find out more about the Retirement Planning At Home solution.

Making the most of retirement

Retirement - a 25-30 year project!
It’s worth spending 1 day to make the most of the next 10,000!

Planning for retirement is even more important today than it has ever been. Retirees are much healthier, much more active and can expect to live much longer – a whole new phase of life and opportunity is opening up.  In addition the removal of the Default Retirement Age has meant that the decision when to retire is now in our own hands.

This means that it is extremely important to understand the opportunity that retirement presents for us personally and to remove any concerns we may have in order to help us to decide when we want to retire, or partially retire. Otherwise there is a danger that through inertia we will just continue working and miss the opportunity that retirement presents.

Unlike other phases of life, when we retire there are far fewer constraints – for most of our lives we are constrained by the demands of school, career and maybe children. For the first time we are faced with a period of maybe 25-30 years when we essentially write our own ‘job description’. That requires careful thought and planning, to avoid the pitfalls and to ensure we make the most of it and enjoy a balanced retirement. 

Hikers1 day Planning for Retirement Workshops

Our standard 1 day retirement workshops are offered as an open programme at over 45 locations round the UK or as an in-house option at an organisation's own premises or chosen location.

The workshops cover all the key lifestyle aspects of retirement from health and leisure to work and  relationships. They also cover the key financial decisions including the opportunities as a result of 'pension freedom'. They have been developed, based on experience, to provide a well-rounded event within 1 day.

In particular, the workshops are founded on establishing at the outset the feelings of the participants about change, their hopes and concerns for retirement, recognising the potential issues and opportunities in retirement and making change work for them.

The workshops are interactive and really engage participants in thinking and planning retirement from their own perspective.  A quick look at the testimonial section shows the truly amazing response from delegates.  

The 10 modules of the workshops are fully supported by handouts plus details of where to obtain further information.

The workshops can be attended with or without partners, but if budget allows we strongly recommend that partners should be invited, as experience has shown us that there are extra benefits when they attend.

The open workshops run from 09:30 to 17:00, refreshments and a working lunch are provided. In-house workshops can be tailored as required.

To receive a full specification of the retirement workshops please submit an enquiry and we will email one to you.

2 day Planning for Retirement Workshops with Extended Finance

finance goalsWhile our 1 day workshops are suitable for most delegates and cover all the key aspects of retirement finance, the 2 day workshops extend the finance section of the 1 day workshop for those that want to spend additional time looking in more detail at the financial planning aspects of their retirement, or have more complex financial affairs. Day 1 is the same as on the one-day workshop.

The 2 day workshops are offered as an open programme (at main locations) and also as an in-house option. The 2 day open programme is normally residential for venues outside London but starts at 10.00 a.m. on both days to ease travel if an overnight stay is not required. The residential workshops are held at attractive and interesting 4 star venues.

Finance versus Lifestyle

Our one-day workshops cover the Financial aspects of retirement but this is just one of 10 modules covering all the important lifestyle aspects of retirement. It is a well balanced programme based on experience.

Financial needs in retirement will be determined by the type of retirement lifestyle a person hopes to have. Many retirement seminar providers can put far too much emphasis on the financial side of retirement, to the detriment of delegates' ability to think comprehensively about how they want their retirement to be.  This is not always evident in a simple list of course topics because most will include the same headline topics but only cover the lifestyle aspects at a very cursory level.

Don't forget it's about making the most of every aspect of retirement.

Just a few of the effusive comments we receive from retirement workshop participants

Our trainers have a wealth of experience in delivering pre-retirement workshops. You can see details of some of them here.

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