Why Organisations choose LaterLife
Workshops for their Employees

All retirement workshops are not the same and while it's easy to assume that once provision has been found the need has been met, traditional retirement workshops may not be providing all the support employees now require in the context of contemporary retirement planning.

Aimed at individuals for whom retirement is a realistic option at any time with the next 3 years, the LaterLife Pre-Retirement workshops are unique in the weight they give to encouraging delegates to think about the retirement lifestyle they want to have. Rather than the relatively token acknowledgement to lifestyle planning given in many other versions, this 1 day workshop focuses on giving delegates the tools and guidance to satisfy all 5 essentials of retirement:

The key benefit is that the workshop isn't just about passing information. The exercises and discussions assist delegates to identify what is important to them personally and to identify the actions they need to take to ensure they enjoy, and make the most of, their retirement. As one participant said:

"…along with the others attending the course, I found that I was being made to THINK about retirement, in all of its aspects, and challenged to question many of my pre-conceived ideas…"

This extremely successful approach has facilitated a retirement support solution that no other supplier can match:

To enable potential clients to make an educated comparison between any current provision and LaterLife workshops free Observer places are available on the Open workshops, where a representative can attend the full day and experience the difference.

For more details: Call us on 0333 220 4164, email us at LaterLife@jelfgroup.com, or use the Organisation Enquiry Form

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