UK Retirement Courses - After The Event

Online Retirement Planning Options & Post-Workshop Support

After our retirement courses it doesn't stop there! We offer a whole range of on-going assistance to help make the most of retirement in practice. Delegates have access to our ‘Making the most of retirement’ programme, a combination of free and chargeable services that complement the workshops.

You can take a look at one aspect of this here on the web. The  web site which we have operated and built up for over a decade offers an astounding range of information and facilities all geared to making the most of retirement. Our network of writers provide weekly articles on topics ranging from health to travel and relationships. There are over 3000 pages of information available so you can be pretty sure that if you are looking for something there is a good chance of finding it. Over 1.5 million visits are made to the site each year.

Associated with the web site we also operate weekly email newsletters  to keep everyone up to date on the latest articles and content. 

However the website is only one part of our ‘Making the most of retirement’ programme. If you would like to find out more, just complete the enquiry form and we will email you details along with the specification of our courses. logo

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