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Online Retirement Planning Options

At LaterLife Learning we have developed two online options:

These are described in outline below but please use the standard enquiry form if you would like a full specification of either. Just mention what you would like in the 'additional information' field.


Retirement Content for an Organisation's Intranet

The comprehensive content provides and assists all employees at whatever age (there are timelines from age 20 onwards) to plan for their retirement.

In particular it assists the decision when to retire and the initial planning of their retirement lifestyle.

It also includes our interactive self-assessment utility called 'How ready are you to retire?'

The Intranet content can be tailored to the organisation’s exact requirements to support and add value to its retirement policy.

The content provides a valuable pre-cursor to subsequently attending a Pre-retirement Workshop in the last 2 or 3 years before retirement.

There is also the option at a small additional cost per individual to add access to the online workshops within the ‘Planning Retirement Online’ facility described below.  


Planning Retirement Online Licensed access

The Planning Retirement online facility provides access to an e-Learning version of our 'real world' pre-retirement planning workshops on our web site.

A short demonstration of the Planning Retirement Online e-Learning workshop can be viewed here

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