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Planning Retirement &
Early and Mid Career Financial Education

Online e-learning courses for making the most of early, mid and later life!

No matter where a person is in their career , understanding their financial situation is key: whether the priority is taking control of the situation they are in now; or giving themselves a proper platform and the tools to plan for their future.

To help your employees achieve their financial goals we have designed a suite of online courses, designed to support the most common needs of individuals at different stages of their career. All the courses have been developed from our face to face workshop programmes, building on over a decade of experience successfully helping real people understand their finances and plan for their future.

The courses are comprehensive, interactive and designed to encourage proactive thinking, empowering the individual to take control of their financial situation through an engaging and valuable experience.

There are two main options for making the courses available:

Early Career Financial Education
Suggested for individuals up to around 30 years of age

This course combines practical financial education with e learning technology to create an interactive and fun experience which helps the individual get in control of their finances, be better with their money and plan for the future.

The course acts as an introduction to essential concepts, strategies and information to build understanding in 5 key areas of finance: Debt and Finance; Budgeting; Buying a Home; Financial Protection; Savings and Pensions. The course aims to help delegates:

Mid-Career course title screenMid-Career Financial Education
Suggested for individuals from around 30 to 55 years of age

As our careers, and lives, progress, our priorities around our finances naturally evolve whether that’s simply understanding the picture that our naturally more complex financial needs present day to day; a focus on mortgages or home improvements; enhancing our pensions or other savings and investment vehicles; or looking at supporting our children in their own lives.

This course provides delegates with information; awareness of good practice; and provides a structure to empower them to take control of their financial situation:

PLanning for retirement title screenPlanning For Retirement
Suggested for individuals 55 and above

In the new world of freedom brought about by the abolition of the Default Retirement Age and rapid change to Pension regulations and options, it has never been more important for individuals to take control of their plans for later life.

The understanding of what it means to be retired has fundamentally changed and retirement for many will be the first ever opportunity to “write our own job description”. With that freedom though comes the risk of not making the most of the opportunity, or even acting in a way that’s detrimental.

This course helps the individual to build a detailed picture of their “best” retirement, and by doing so helps them engage with the often complex and far reaching decisions that they will need to make around their finances.

Benefits of Online Retirement and Financial Education

The benefits of online courses differ from face to face courses. While they lack the value of the interaction and the shared ideas, with other delegates as well as with the trainer, they do provide the learner with privacy and full control over the pace and scheduling of their education. And where there are large numbers of employees needing education, especially if they are also spread across different sites, the e-learning courses can provide a cost-effective option.

Helping your employees to be better with their finances helps them bring their best self to work every day, and helping your employees to plan their retirement helps them talk to you with confidence, enabling both of you to be properly prepared.

Previewing the courses, more information, and purchasing

Short demonstrations of all the courses are available.

The site provides a shopping cart facility to purchase small numbers of licences for employees online. For purchases of 20 or more licences organisation packages are available, and you can use the enquiry form on the site to request more details.

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