Mid-Life Seminars and Courses

Mid-life: Retirement Headstart and Pension Freedom
Retirement Planning from 50 onwards

The concept of retirement and the decisions we make around it have been changing for some years: removal of the Default Retirement Age, increasing longevity, better health, rising state pension age, increasing difficulty of saving for retirement, the move away from final salary schemes and now 'Pension Freedom' have all increased the complexity of decision making related to both our finances and the lifestyle we want in later life.

To be fully prepared for LaterLife, whether that includes full retirement, partial retirement or a portfolio lifestyle, there are important plans and decisions to make from  age 50 onwards.

These seminars and courses are aimed at anyone from age 50, but ideally aged 50-54 because of the big decision point at age 55 when in the future we will be able to access our entire pension if we so wish. Something which needs informed consideration and an understanding of the tax implications and the effect on future pension income.

Our Mid-Life workshops cover Financial Planning and Pension Freedom but also importantly spend some time on the Lifestyle decisions that underpin our financial plans and set the tone and framework for making the most of the rest of our lives.

We take a concentrated look at the big financial decisions individuals have to make, set in the context of the new options available and the key decision points from age 50 onwards. We help delegates create a forward plan and to build an extended to-do list of actions specific to their wider finances, while there is still time to make decisions that can have a major influence on the amount of money available in retirement.

On the lifestyle side we consider lifestyle goals, working in later life, health in later life, what retirement or partial retirement could mean to delegates, when and if they want to retire or make a transition from full time working, and the lifestyle changes that they will need to think about.

PlanningAs well as the full day course option there are also ½ day and 2 hour seminar options.

Other services such as focused 1-1 financial clinics, a prompt service to alert employees at key decision points, and a financial helpline can be coupled with the events.

Career Retirement Planning

These mid-life seminars and courses can be used as free-standing events but are also part of our overall Career Retirement Planning programme which covers both Early Career General Financial Education and Pre-retirement workshops.

In particular it is recommended that individuals subsequently attend a LaterLife pre-retirement course at some point in the final 3 years before potential retirement, or partial retirement, when the focus needs to be much more heavily on lifestyle planning.

Bespoke requirements

We are also happy to combine our various workshop and seminar modules to meet any specific organisation retirement training requirements.

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