Financial Education Seminars

Early Career

Early Career Seminars

The Early Career seminars are aimed at those in the first 10-15 years of their career. They aim to get delegates thinking about their own personal financial situation, rather than just receiving lots of information.

piggy bank in nestThey provide a basic grounding in the main aspects of finance and then look at key areas in more depth. They are informal and interactive, lively and fun events, with delegates actively encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas for the benefit of the group as a whole.

As well as providing a basic financial education, they establish the importance and impact of retirement saving.

At the end of the seminar, delegates will have a broad understanding of planning their finances, will have identified areas of concern to them where they should take action, will have seen the impact and benefits of planning ahead in relation to retirement, and will have identified where they need more in-depth education or help.

In-House Early Career Financial Education Seminar Programme

The seminars are tailored from a number of available modules to the organisation’s requirements and can be combined with half hour 1-1 clinics to address personal questions and issues.

More advanced financial education

growing moneyIn addition to the Early Career modules, more advanced financial education modules and retirement financial planning modules are available to provide seminars which meet the needs for financial education at all stages of an individual's career.

These can be delivered as part of our standard workshops or tailored specifically to the organisation.

These financial seminars are part of our overall programme which provides financial education and retirement planning guidance at key stages of an individual’s career.

In the early career stages this is financially focused and in the latter stages more lifestyle focused.

The programme is jointly provided by LaterLife Learning and the Jelf Group bringing together leading expertise in lifestyle and finance.

To receive a full specification of the Early Career and Career Finance and Retirement Planning programme please use the enquiry link in the right hand panel and we will email details to you.

Or you can visit our dedicated Workplace Financial Education site, Money at Work, for more details on all the options available.

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