Coronavirus notice - resumption of workshop programmes

We are pleased to advise our in-house workshop programme resumed in September 2021.

We can confirm that our distance-learning solution: Retirement planning at home will remain available for the forseeable future, as will our programme of virtual workshop events.

Please contact the Worplace Education Ops Team, 0333 220 4164 with any queries you have, or to find out more about the retirement planning at home and virtual workshop solutions.

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Organisation Enquiry


Pre-retirement Lifestyle/Finance

Aimed at those for whom retirement is a realistic option within the next few years...

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Mid-Life Seminars & Courses

These seminars and courses are aimed at anyone from age 50...

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Early Career Financial Seminars

Aimed at those in the first 10-15 years of their career...

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Retirement Planning

At Mercer we are specialists in retirement, over 1000 organisations of all sizes currently make use of our retirement training services, and you can discover why here. Our aim is to assist employees to reach retirement with fulfilling lifestyle plans and adequate finances to support those plans.

To achieve that we provide the most comprehensive approach to retirement available in the UK today including:

Pre-retirement courses

Aimed at making the most of retirement, with a focus on planning retirement lifestyle but also covering all the key aspects of retirement finance including 'pension freedom'.

Mid-life Seminars & Courses

Aimed at those from 50 onwards and focused largely on Financial Planning and Pension Freedom but based on the retirement lifestyle goals of delegates.

Early Career Financial Seminars

Our financial education seminars are geared to the specific audience and culture of the organisation. Our early career seminars for example are lively and fun events aimed at those in the first 10-15 years of their career and providing a basic financial education, as well as establishing the importance and impact of retirement saving.

Managing Retirement Portfolio

In addition to the above there are associated services such as 1-1 financial guidance throughout an individual’s career, a prompt service to alert employees at key decision points, a help line and bespoke in-career financial education seminars and other workshop variants.

Just use the enquiry link to the right
or call us on 0333 220 4164
and we will email you full details and prices.


UK Wide Retirement Courses

We run the most extensive schedule of preretirement in-house courses for both Public and Private sector organisations. So whether you have one person retiring each year, or many, we can help.

workshop mapworkshop map

Our schedule map to the left will provide you with an at a glance view of the locations, or our workshop calendar to the right will show you the 2021 course dates available.

Our in-house retirement training page will explain what is available and how this can be tailored to include any organisation specific requirements.

About our 1 day pre-retirement courses

The removal of the Default Retirement Age (DRA) has put the decision when to retire into our own hands. This is good news but at the same time it also introduces the danger of drifting on at work and missing the opportunity that retirement presents. In addition the 'Pension Freedom' changes since April 2015 add to the opportunity and complexity of financial decision making.  

Our one day Retirement Courses cover all the lifestyle aspects of retirement and associated finance. They  differ from other courses in the way we ensure participants are involved in thinking about and planning retirement from their own point of view.

……along with the others attending the course, I found that I was being made to THINK about retirement, in all of its aspects, and challenged to question many of my pre-conceived ideas…

The courses assist delegates to see the opportunity that retirement presents, to decide when to retire if they haven't yet done so, to remove any concerns and to plan how they will make the most of it.

The events themselves are highly enjoyable; invariably the mood at the end of the day is one of having had a thoroughly good time, as well as having gained a great deal of value.

The 10 modules of the retirement courses are fully supported by handouts, plus details of where to obtain further information.

The retirement courses can be attended with or without partners, but if budget allows we strongly recommend that partners should be invited, as experience has shown us that there are extra benefits when both attend.

You can read more about our pre-retirement courses in the overall Retirement Courses section, including their value and why everyone approaching retirement should consider one. 

Extended 2 day Retirement Course

In addition to our standard 1 day pre-retirement courses we offer an extended 2 day course. The standard course covers all the lifestyle aspects of retirement and all the key aspects of retirement finance. The extended course is intended for individuals who want to spend additional time looking in more depth at the financial aspects of their retirement, including options opened up by pension freedom. The first day is focused on lifestyle aspects, while day two is purely focused on a detailed look at financial planning aspects.

After the Events

The end of the course is not the end of what we provide. We also provide on-going retirement assistance to delegates through our ‘Making the Most of Retirement’ programme, a combination of free and chargeable services.

Just take a look at our section on 'After the courses'  to see the breadth of information and facilities our network of writers and researchers provide for making the most of retirement.


Mid-life Courses

As well as Pre retirement courses our overall retirement training offer includes Retirement Headstart and Pension Freedom seminars. There are 1 day, ½ day and 2 hour options.

These seminars are aimed at anyone over 50 and will equip delegates to plan a financial strategy for their future. They take a concentrated look at the big financial decisions individuals have to make, set in the context of the new options available and the key decision points from age 50 onwards. We help delegates create a forward plan and to build an extended to-do list of actions specific to their wider finances, while there is still time to make decisions that can have a major influence on the amount of money available in retirement.

Although age 50-54 is the ideal starting point, they are valuable at any stage in the years before retirement.

Other services such as focused 1-1 financial clinics, a prompt service to alert employees at key decision points, and a financial helpline can be coupled with the seminars.

These seminars are focused heavily on finance but set in the context of the individual's lifestyle goals in retirement. It is recommended that individuals subsequently attend the Mercer Preretirement course at some point in the final 3 years before retirement when the focus needs to be much more heavily on lifestyle planning.


Early Career Financial Seminars and Career Long Retirement Planning

The combination of: the removal of the Default Retirement Age; the demise of final salary schemes; and the increasing pressure on finances; have all led to an increasing need for organisations to assist their employees to plan for retirement throughout their careers.

In addition the 'Pension Freedom' options while offering greater choice, add further to the complexity and considerations, not just in the run up to retirement, but early in one's career.

Our Career Retirement Planning programme supports planning at each stage of an employee's career. In particular in the early stages this is through short financial education seminars aimed at those in the first 10-15 years of their career. These provide a basic financial education, as well as establishing the importance and impact of retirement saving.

Later, at key points in their career there is a choice of more advanced financial education seminars, 1/2 day retirement seminars just focused on finance and the 'Retirement Headstart workshops' mentioned above.


An overview of the programme is provided on the Career Retirement Planning programme page, or you can request a full specification using the enquiry facility to the right.


Our Managing Retirement Portfolio - other retirement services and variants

As well as the individual employee benefits outlined above our total portfolio also includes:

Mercer in Action facility for an organisation's pensioners.

Our Mercer at Work programme to assist an organisation to manage all aspects of working in later life within their organisation.

Pre and Post-retirement Online workshops 

1-1 financial clinics to provide guidance throughout an individual’s career

A financial helpline and a prompt service to alert employees at key decision points

Our Trainers

Our trainers have many years experience in preparing people for retirement in both the public and private sector. All are skilled facilitators and many have a lifetime's background and expertise in the training world.

Our selection of trainers ensures not only the highest capability but the training they undergo also ensures consistency of delivery across all our retirement seminars, workshops and courses anywhere in the country.

The results speak for themselves: over the last 10 years, across every event, every trainer and across 12 feedback items for each event, we have averaged 98% Good or Excellent (and mostly excellent) over that time.

Our section on what delegates say provides a full analysis but just to select a few here:

‘Thoroughly worthwhile’. ‘More value than expected’
'Helped me tremendously in my decision about retirement’. ‘Made me think and reassured me’.

What's different about Mercer Preretirement?

We are retirement specialists, all our energies are focused on providing highly effective retirement training and also on providing the most comprehensive after the event facilities to assist delegates to make the most of their retirement.

Our workshops receive unparalleled feedback and effusive comments from delegates. Just take a look at our section on what delegates say.

Our in-house preretirement training workshops are used by many leading Public and Private sector organisations.

Our UK Coverage Map provides an 'at a glance' means of finding a location near you.

Whether you want retirement workshops, pre retirement courses, retirement seminars, 1-1 coaching, or other forms of retirement training, Mercer can help. Whether you have just one person retiring at a time or hundreds, one of our options will suit you. Over 1000 organisations of all sizes currently make use of our retirement training services.


To enquire on any aspect just use our enquiry form link to the right.

To find out more about us just visit our Mercer Preretirement page.